Our Work

Voyageurs National Park Association serves as the park’s nonprofit partner, working to connect more people to the park through education, stewardship, and outreach efforts, and to protect Voyageurs through advocacy and conservation initiatives.

Voyageurs National Park Association has enabled the park to expand youth programming, promote environmental stewardship, and support its pursuit of completing public ownership of the park.

Recently, Voyageurs National Park Association:

Received an NPS Director’s Partnership Award and two NPS Midwest Region Champion Awards,

Empowered our 130th Minnesota high school student through the National Park Teen Ambassador program.

Helped launch a multi-year wetland restoration initiative that will remove invasive cattails throughout Voyageurs and restore native plant communities like wild rice.

Connected over 2,000 Minnesota students to the park through classroom presentations and field trip grants.

Leveraged $20,000 in federal Centennial Challenge funds with private philanthropy to rehabilitate the Cruiser Lake Trail.

Funded important science including a wildlife research position and a hydrology study to outline the impacts of sulfide mine development in the park’s watershed.

Sponsored community listening sessions, public surveys, and a leadership retreat to develop Voyageurs National Park’s 5-year priorities.