Park Improvements & Restoration

Inspiring Stewardship & Support for Park Improvements & Restoration

Each year, Voyageurs National Park Association works with the Park Service to identify places and projects where private philanthropy, volunteerism, and partnerships will most benefit the park’s critical needs. Voyageurs National Park Association helps connect volunteers and financial resources from individuals and foundations to projects that can’t be accomplished with the park’s limited federal budget.

Recent projects include:

Cruiser Lake Trail
VNPA provided $20,000 in funding to rehabilitate the Cruiser Lake Trail System in 2016. This unlocked matching federal funds to replace boardwalks, level bridge sections, fix signs, and clear overgrown brush, making the trail safer and more accessible.

Ethno-Botanical Garden
The National Park Service, VNPA and volunteers worked side-by-side to clear what is now the garden of invasive canary grass and replace it with native plants vital to historical Ojibwe culture and erect a traditional waaginogaan structure.

Black Bay Ski Trail
In 2015, VNPA recruited 28 volunteers who logged 196 service hours clearing .4 miles of the heaviest vegetation found along the Black Bay Ski Trail’s length, opening the Ridge Trail Circuit for winter skiers for the first time in years.

Upcoming projects include the restoration of the Kettle Falls Overlook and a project in partnership with the Crane Lake community.

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