Next Generation

Ranger Lisa with third graders ready to go out snowshoeing

National Park Service

Teen Ambassadors rest after canoeing to their campsite

Teen Ambassadors rest after canoeing to their campsite










Passion for the outdoors is associated with meaningful experiences and is often sparked at a young age. Voyageurs National Park Association strives to provide students of all ages with the resources to experience their National Park in person, online, and in the classroom to ensure the next generation will be active stewards of our public lands. This year alone our Youth & Outreach Coordinator has introduced more than 1,500 Minnesota students to Voyageurs National Park through classroom presentations, field trip grants, and the National Park Teen Ambassador program.

“Voyageurs National Park is an experience that teaches you to respect yourself, others, and planet Earth.”


“That experience made me no longer fear the outdoors.”


“That was the best field trip I ever had!”

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