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K12 Education | Creating future stewards. In 2011, VNPA provided travel grants allowing over 700 students to play and learn in Minnesota’s greatest outdoor classroom. We are dedicated to expanding K12 education programs, arts and cultural experiences and park accessibility for youth who might not otherwise have the opportunity.  We strive to build a community dedicated […]

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Promotion & Community Engagement. In 2011, VNPA was a key catalyst for a four-day conference with the Heart of the Continent Partnership on public lands, tourism and local economic development in northern Minnesota and Ontario. We partnered to develop an on-the-ground strategy for driving more visitors to the Park to support gateway communities.

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Science & Research | The Park as a Laboratory. Voyageurs is a hub for scientific research—current studies are being conducted on moose, wolves, and water quality, just to name a few. VNPA sponsored a ground-breaking conference on moose and climate change, and sponsors boat tours for 4th-grade field trips to the Kabetogama Peninsula for pond studies.

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Each year, we organize volunteers to participate in a weekend-long conservation event—in 2011, our group donated more than 300 hours of labor to build the Park’s new ethnobotanical gardens at the Rainy Lake Visitor Center.

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Policy & Protection | The Park’s Advocate. We monitor key policy issues and advocate on behalf of the Voyageurs’ resources, because we believe visitors and wildlife deserve clean air and clean waters in a National Park and each new generation has the right to experience large tracts of natural spaces.

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Land Preservation Completing the New Park We work with willing sellers to complete public ownership of private lands within the boundaries of Voyageurs National Park, with the goals to restore developed acreage to a pristine natural state, improve scenic views, and open the spaces for all Park visitors to enjoy.

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