Climate Change Adaptation Planning for Great Lakes Parks

Addressing the potential impacts of climate change on lands in the National Park System (NPS) is one of the highest priorities in the NPS. Forested parks, like Voyageurs, near the current prairie-forest border could be transformed to open savanna in the next century. Boreal plant and animal species would be […]

Preserving and Sharing History

The saying “a picture paints a thousand words” is never more true than when looking at historic photographs. Historic photos cause wonder, inspire imagination, start conversations, and preserve our stories. Set out a few old photographs in a social gathering and people begin to reminisce. To encourage people to share […]

Mercury Contamination Dropping in Some Voyageurs National Park Lakes

A new study released by the U.S. Geological Survey involving research on some of Voyageurs’ most remote lakes indicates that levels of toxic mercury are dropping in fish and lake water in sync with pollution control regulations. Mercury from man-made pollution is converted in lakes and wetlands to methylmercury, a toxic […]

Voyageurs National Park High Water Alert Brings Some Campsite Closures

Voyageurs National Park Rangers urge caution when visiting the park due to high water levels. Over the past week, northern Minnesota has received large amounts of rainfall, making for hazardous conditions in some areas. All docks within Voyageurs National Park are submerged, extremely slippery, and some campsites have water encroaching […]

We’re Hiring! Program Coordinator (AmeriCorps VISTA)

Voyageurs National Park Association is hiring a program coordinator. This position will support our youth engagement program development, capacity building and community outreach efforts. Please apply today! The selected candidate will attend VISTA Pre-Service Orientation (PSO) in July and then begin their one-year service term with Voyageurs National Park Association in […]