Projects & Issues

At Voyageurs National Park Association, we work hard to protect and promote Voyageurs National Park, and it gets us involved with a number of diverse projects relating to the land you love. Our current work is focused primarily on three key programs to address challenges facing the Park.

The Voyageurs National Park Land Preservation Initiative

One of the truly remarkable experiences of visiting a National Park is immersing oneself in the expanse of undeveloped, wild nature. Fifty-two private properties, however, remain within the boundaries of Voyageurs National Park, many on highly-visible shoreline lots. Regulated only by county zoning laws, these parcels can be subdivided and developed, a risk that increases each time they change hands to new private owners. VNPA created the Land Preservation Initiative to help the Park acquire private properties within its boundaries from willing sellers.

Protecting the Park from the Effects of Severe Underfunding

Voyageurs National Park consistently operates under severe budget restraints, limiting staff capabilities for conservation, maintenance, and visitor resource management. To aid the Park, VNPA organizes volunteers to perform underfunded tasks, provides direct support for Park projects, and advocates for crucial federal funding.

Voyageurs National Park Volunteer Rendezvous

Youth Engagement Field Trip Travel Grants

Natural and Cultural Resource Protection

VNPA constantly monitors potential threats to Park resources, and responds to policy issues that could adversely affect the Park’s ecological and cultural integrity. VNPA works on issues that further our goals of conservation of natural water and wetland ecosystems, clear unpolluted skies, and safe, enjoyable recreation in Voyageurs National Park. We are currently monitoring several proposed projects and policy changes.

Minnesota’s National Park Legacy

Regional Haze

Coalition to Protect the Namakan