Voyageurs National Park Closed Due to Government Shutdown

closed park sign

Due to the federal government shutdown, Voyageurs National Park is closed.  All parts of the park including trails, backcountry, campsites, and visitor centers are closed.  All but five of Voyageurs National Park’s employees have been furloughed.  All 401 national park units across the U.S. are affected.

During the shutdown all national parks websites are not operating.  For more information, go to  Visitors currently camping or staying in any national park have been asked to leave within 48 hours.

Voyageurs National Park Association will post updates as they become available.

The immediate and lasting impacts this shutdown has on visitors, park employees and our gateway communities are completely unnecessary.  The National Park Conservation Association reports that due to the National Park System’s closing, the local economies surrounding the 401 parks stand to lose more than $30 million each day the federal government is shut down.

We urge you to reach out to your congressional representatives and tell them to end the shutdown because national park employees, visitors, and the local communities that support them should not be the victims of a failed budget process.  At Voyageurs National Park Association, we’re sorry that you don’t have the opportunity right now to explore your national park. We hope this ends quickly.

Read more on the park closure from the International Falls Journal.

2 Responses to Voyageurs National Park Closed Due to Government Shutdown

  1. Thanks for the update! I am a business on the Ash River … I was informed that fishing could still occur. We really need to clarify this!

  2. The park buildings may be closed, but fishing and colors are still great. You don’t need a Park Ranger to hold your hand on the trails, the fall colors haven’t been taken down and the wildlife apparently was not notified of the closing, as we saw lots of animals today despite the wind.

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