Voyageurs National Park Approved to Start Campsite Reservations and Fees in 2014


Photo courtesy National Park Service

Voyageurs National Park recently completed a three year Civic Engagement process with the public to determine if campsite reservations and fees are warranted for the park. After holding multiple public meetings and gathering public comments park officials determined the majority of the public supports the program. Despite a moratorium on new or modified fees, the Director’s office of the National Park Service approved a reservation system and fee rates for Voyageurs National Park.

The park will begin to phase interior and main lake campsites, houseboats sites, and rentals of boats on interior lakes into the reservation/fee program. This will allow park staff to ensure all aspects of the system provide the intended service to visitors. It also allows a few seasons for visitors to get used to the changes. “During civic engagement a lot of people requested we phase this process over a couple years so that visitors would become accustomed to the process. We fully agree with their input.” Superintendent Mike Ward commented.

Starting in 2014, the park will place the Boats on Interior Lakes program, the two existing accessible sites, and the 17 Interior sites on the reservation/fee system. In addition, a combination of 30 large and small campsites located on the 4-main lakes will be placed on the reservation/fee system in 2014. This will give the park time to monitor how these 30 sites are used prior to continuing implementation. Ward stated that, “This is a large project and will take time and monitoring to achieve success. We will continue to implement the other 240 sites in the park based on staffing and the results of the monitoring.” The 30 large lake campsites and two accessible sites will be marked with “reservation only” signs and all other campsites will remain first come, first served in 2014.

Starting in April of 2014, reservations for the above described sites can be made in advance online at or by calling the National Call Center at (877) 444-6777. Advance reservations are available until midnight the night before the visit. Reservations are by credit card only.

  • Visitors may make reservations for the newly implemented sites:
  • Beginning in February and then up to 6 months in advance
  • On-line at
  • By phone at the National Call Center – 877-444-6777
  • Walk-ins will be taken for that day only (multiple days will need a reservation)
  • Free Overnight Permits will still be required for all non-reservation sites
  • Temporary computer kiosks will be available at the parks’ three visitor centers and park headquarters during regular hours

Boats on Interior Lakes Program:

  • 17 Interior Campsites
  • 12 canoes
  • 3 rowboats

Rainy Lake

  • 14 Campsites
  • 1 Accessible Site

Kabetogama Lake

  • 6 Campsites

Namakan Lake

  • 6 Campsites
  • 1 Accessible site

Sand Point Lake

  • 4 Campsites

The fee structure for sites is as follows: a one-time reservation fee to will be taken off the first night’s stay.

  • Small Campsite with no tent pad $16 per night
  • Small Campsite with 1 tent pad $18 per night
  • Small Campsite with 2 tent pads $20 per night
  • Large Campsites $24 per night
  • Canoe/rowboat $12 per boat per night

3 Responses to Voyageurs National Park Approved to Start Campsite Reservations and Fees in 2014

  1. i do not agree with the reservation system. that has always been the appeal to me and my family. sometimes it takes a bit to wait around for a site, other times you can drive right to a site. it makes me sad that the park has become so popular that the powers of being have to do this and start charging fees. in todays economy our family and our friends look forward to coming up two to three times a year to enjoy the beauty of the park and only cost us gas and our food. not that us not coming for that reason will affect the park service in anyway, but we will reconsider our summer/fall camping plans at this time:(

  2. I am really disappointed in the decision to make reservations and charge a fee. I live every day by a schedule and time clock, and look forward to every year heading to Voyageurs to relax and not be on a schedule. If we decided to stay a day or 2 longer, we always had the option to do that. Now we will no longer have that option. Very disappointed this is happening.

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