Polaris Industries Inc. Donation Brings New Shelters to Voyageurs National Park

Voyageurs National Park Association partnered with Polaris Industries Inc. and the National Park Service to promote snowmobile safety and trail access in Voyageurs National Park. Polaris funded the construction of three new shelters which were recently completed and are now available for use.

Along with the funding for the shelters, Polaris generously donated two Polaris FS IQ WideTrak snowmobiles in 2012 to assist park staff with winter safety and maintenance.

The shelters are located on lake surfaces at Black Bay Portage, Grassy Bay, and Kettle Falls adjacent to the snowmobile trails. The shelters are 6-feet by 12- feet and are constructed with an aluminum frame, T1-11 siding, and a steel roof. The snowmobile shelters were constructed by park maintenance staff who have expert skills in carpentry and welding. The shelters offer visitors shelter out of the wind with benches and snowmobile maps but do not offer fire rings.

Park Superintendent Michael Ward commented on the new shelters, “We greatly appreciate Polaris’ support and generosity and the partnership we have with VNPA. This donation will strongly enhance safety and access on our trails and our service to the public.”

“Safe, responsible snowmobiling is an excellent way to experience the beauty and grandeur of our national parks, and we are proud to partner with VNPA to promote such access,” said Scott Wine, Polaris CEO.  “We began as a snowmobile company, and our passion for riding remains strong.  As such we are honored to support both the park’s rangers, as they maintain the park’s facilities, and its visitors, as they enjoy them.




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